Managing change


A change imposed is a change opposed

To succeed in today’s marketplace, companies need to manage change more precisely in order to realize the full value of their transformation efforts. But change is a dynamic force with many dimensions, and getting it right is a significant challenge. Some surveys show that 70% of all change programs fail. We know that successful delivery isn’t just about planning where you want change to take you and how to get there. It’s also about being able to bring your people along with you on the change journey. It isn’t the changes that do you in. It is the transitions. Change is not the same as transition. Change is situational: the new building, the new pastor, the new team roles or the new policy. Transition is the psychological process people go through to come to terms with the new situation. Change is external. Transition is internal. Unless transition occurs, change will not work. In other words, there can be any number of changes, but unless there are transitions, nothing will be different when the dust clears.


Discover how others see your leadership skills

Supera pioneered the use of assessments and feedback in leadership development ten years ago, and we offer a comprehensive, web-based leadership assessment tool that focuses on 10 critical leadership behaviours. Since then, hundreds of leaders have chosen Supera 360° assessments.
The benefit of collecting data of this kind is that the person gets to see a panorama of perceptions rather than just self-perception, which affords a more complete picture. The Supera 360° is a leadership assessment used primarily to evaluate the skills and effectiveness of your managers and leaders. This survey compiles a feedback system from direct reports, peers, and supervisors, and then creates a personalized report. The reports show you how to improve training, management techniques, and communication for greater success. It can also help you discover management issues that could lead to low employee productivity, morale, satisfaction, and turnover.


It’s no secret that most people do not welcome change—especially in the workplace. John Maxwell says: “Adapting to and mastering change is not a choice. In fact, today’s motto for leadership is, ‘change or perish.”
The problem is that although organizations need to evolve to survive, people have always preferred life in the comfort zone.

Niccolo Machiavelli’s 1532 words of wisdom remain just as relevant for contemporary leaders: “There is no more delicate matter to take in hand, nor more dangerous to conduct, nor more doubtful of success, than to step up as a leader in the introduction of changes. For he who innovates will have for his enemies all those who are well off under the existing order of things, and only lukewarm supporters in those who might be better off under the new.”

Supera holistic and integrated suite of solutions can help your business drive positive outcomes by supporting the full gamut of organization change. We drive change by focusing on strategy, planning and program structure. And we release change by inspiring your people and harnessing their energy in support of your vision and goals.